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Jared’s series that articulates some basics regarding a nationalistic, pro-Western, white positive stance.

As a bit of history, this series was what Jared and Jason first discussed on the initial two streams that planted the seed for The After Party.


Morality of Nationalism Series Introduction:

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*This was made when there was still a playlist for this series on Jared’s first YouTube channel, which was deleted on June 5, 2019 in the “Vox Adpocalypse”


Part 1. The Individual and Collective Question:

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Part 2. Boundaries and Resources:

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Part 3. Outliers and Numbers:


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Part 4. Layers of Identity:

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Part 5. A People’s Story: 


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Part 6. Governance:


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Part 7. Leaders:

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Part 8. The Taboo of Peoplehood:

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Part 9. European Roots:



*Note the westward expansion of the Indo-Europeans, or Aryans, into the European continent is one theory among others.

What is known is that the founding stock of what became the general tribes of white people all coalesced in Europe.

Thank you to Ricardo Duchesne for his research and insights.
Recommended books:

-Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age

-The Uniqueness of Western Civilization


Part 10. European Wings:


*Note from Jared: Correction I’d meant to say GNP, not GDP.


Part 11. USA and Europe:



Part 12. Real World Challenges:


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Euro Migrant Fact Sheet


Part 13. Proper Connections:


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Part 14. The Big Picture:


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Many Westerners live with a legacy of sovereignty and rights that are considered sacrosanct. These are indeed a vital part of our heritage and way of life.

However, to assume that current liberal democratic governments in the West always act in ideal accordance with these principles is unrealistic.

Elements in our governments and other centers of power (i.e. finance and banking) acted against the best interest and expressed will of Western peoples in Western nations by bringing in multiculturalism, looser borders, and mass immigration.

Are we now supposed to do nothing, have no response, just because foreign peoples have been recently brought in to Western countries as pawns of globalism?

And now since they’re here, they enjoy and are forever protected by civic rights that were developed by and for Westerners?

We’re supposed to countenance all of this even if it will change Western peoples and Western, European civilization irrevocably?


Extra– For The Spiritual Seeker:


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Loving the world involves seeing it plainly, as it is right now, just as much as it involves seeing the potential for what could be improved.

Viewing everything solely as “energy” and “vibration” is de-personalizing, anti-life, and escapist if taken too far.

The Spiritual Person’s Struggles With Race,” a video that complements this one.