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~By audience demand!~

The After Party 1 Year Anniversary Show, and the less formal second stream, After Hours were still not enough.

People wanted a third stream to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Jason and Jared doing livestream shows together.

So you  got a third livestream, this one in our radio-style format,  It’s Late Night Somewhere.

Totally unplanned and impromptu, random guests and even a couple of audience members from the chat were brought in.

What had initially started at 4pm Eastern time on Friday, February 22nd continued with this third stream of the day into the wee hours of Saturday morning, February 23rd.


Who joined on this episode?:


Rory & Motherhen

Spartan Warrior Queen

Ecce Lux

Simon Harris


~Audience members from chat who were brought on to ask a question~

Sean O’Rourke

Promethean Persona