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Clarion Wakfield’s Telegram


~Show Minutes~


02:34 WWB activism

05:20 Going Free Intro 12:03 WLM banner campaign

22:50 Go Free simulator at whitewellbeing(dot)net

27:35 White positive baby clothing designs – contact Jason


White women accepts second class status –

Private schools discriminated against white children –

Go Free is the only defense

37:30 Testimonies

1:04:49 Anglo America Testimony

1:17:11 Financial Gifts

1:36:37 Clarion Wakefield Enters

1:43:14 White Flight is not cowardice

1:46:53 Antiwhite areas are dangerous for whites

1:56:26 Clarion’s Anecdote of antiwhite nonwhite cutting in line

1:59:412:04:08 Antiwhite nonwhites defying customs, norms, and rules with impunity is the breakdown of civilization 2:05:202:08:19 The benefits of homogeneity

2:08:202:13:43 Different bio spirits are incompatible – Western bio spirit is being white erased

2:14:16 Staticsticalatlas(dot)com & suburbanstats(dot)com – Factors to consider when moving

2:28:56 Hush Crime

2:30:18 Vote for Trump for what he won’t do – No more nodes of power to resist antiwhiteism — Biden Plan

2:42:50: Clarion – whites have no rights anymore

2:54:25 Four more years to push Going Free – More Biden Plan – Cause for Great Recession

3:06:20 Multiple ways to recapture our destiny

3:08:00 Clarion – White Flight to grow stronger, not to hide – we are not cowards

3:12:35 Spread Go Free – everything else has failed

3:16:33 Questions/Financial Gifts

3:18:58 Are there any powerful whites worth reaching out to?

3:22:32 Biden said white erasure is a good thing

3:26:00 Clarion’s thoughts on starting local white positive newspapers – Go Free can be spread person to person, no entity is necessary

3:31:39 Rural whites are waking up to antiwhiteism and thus more amenable to Going Free

3:35:56 How to handle vauges

3:38:45 How to convince our people that Biden poses a threat to us.

3:44:48 Clarion – Rethink our priorities when choosing were to live

3:50:42 Clarion leaves

3:53:22 Start of Music Break

3:58:21 Ballad of a SkyKing by Jack Hwhite

4:00:38 End of Music Break – Reflecting on the Suffering of White Men

4:06:46 The kangaroos are White Positive by Raymond Foster

4:08:09 Mailbag

4:12:25 White Positive Channels you should check out

4:14:42 Major Victory – “BLM is not an Antiwhite Movement”

4:24:24 Viewer Questions/Comments

4:35:57 How to respond to “If x were true, then why haven’t I heard about it”?

4:39:07 Whites won’t defend ourselves unless we have a moral framework – Going Free is that framework

4:45:33 Wealthy white’s villainy signal to maintain their lifestyle – we should punish this behavior

4:52:004:52:43 We are white positive, not pro white

4:54:404:57:54 Say white erasure instead of cancel culture

4:57:565:16:38 How to decrease likelihood of social lynching’s and antiwhite tribunals at work and school while opposing antiwhiteim/Don’t be the bad guy in the antiwhite narrative/White people will not unite over criticism of nonwhites

5:16:485:18:48 New Context – Nodal Tipping Point

5:20:205:29:15 Antiwhites shut off water and electricity to people violating covid restrictions – same measures may be used against heretics in the future

5:31:475:41:52 Why is useful, life changing advice from normal white men ignored in the white positive sphere?

5:41:546:00:12 Brantdanger and School of the West

6:04:306:08:06 Going Free Lesson: Never Defend Against Antiwhite Verbal Attacks

6:08:356:35:32 Biden Treaty

6:42:496:55:59 Anyone arguing for Biden Presidency is a traitor to Westernkind

7:29:57 Start of Calls

7:29:58 Spencer’s Thoughts – what makes someone antiwhite?

7:45:05 Anglo America – Traditional Cooking and Culture – Outreach to nonwhites

7:53:52 Mr. V – How to approach mate selection – The kind of love you should have for women