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 Time Stamps:

10:21 Show Start/Announcements

43:28 National Justice Party (NJP) & its implications for the white positive sphere

56:00 “Shame Extorting” – don’t give money to bail out people who got into trouble for doing stupid, harmful things purportedly for white wellbeing

1:14:30 Connection to NJP: leaders must disavow violent members and agent provocateurs

1:18:28 Why you should not identify as a White N@tional*st

1:27:27 Questions & Comments & Testimonies

1:47:051:55:41 Can’t Antiwhites Demonize White Wellbeing?

3:54:45 Community Project – Identify and reach out to white positive – adjacent content creators

4:26:39 Yizz Call In

4:32:17 Yizz’s (now censored) youtube comment sharing Go Free gets over 1,000 likes

4:45:00 Music Break: “North Country Maid” by Hiraeth and Jack Hwhite, “Just Very Instinctual” by Raymond Foster

4:51:00 News

4:51:07 Nonwhite female becomes judge at age 25 without no law degree

5:04:26 Syracuse University punishes bystanders to heresy with expulsion – coming to a workplace near you!

5:11:40 Kamala Harris Act

5:35:00 Calls