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Ecce Lux returns to bring his knowledge of antiwhite bolsehvism/communism in America

to frame the social discord currently going on.


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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

1:18 Thanks to supporters

3:50 Guest introduces himself (explains strange noises throughout stream 

5:45 Jack Parsons and Satanism

7:19 Anti White “Communists” and their history of destruction / Dividing by Race vs Class

31:55 Anti Whiteism is the glue that holds our enemies together

35:35  play promo for White Art Collective Halloween short film contest (they stream on Dlive regularly)

39:16 Ecce’s thoughts on U.S. affairs and upcoming political situation

45:25 The Weakness of the anti White regime in America?

49:40 ‘Anti White’ as a term spreading, the power of language

53:00 the Philosophy of “communist” anti Whites, denial of reality, nihilism, and their embrace of systems//Great Chess analogy

59:00 Breaking the anti White narrative, not playing their game

1:08:45 Financial gifts -> ideas to action

1:13:00 Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died

1:19:00 more standing up to anti Whiteism//their vulnerability

1:22:30 Jared’s final thoughts / Ecce’s as well

1:26:10 thanks to all who donated and the community in general!