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1:06:00 it is antiwhiteism

1:42:00 you have to be human to be white

1:52:00 love of our people

2:03:00 we are against our vicitimization — “if youre against x-ism you’ll support y-ism”

smarmy bullcrap anti-white refielding

2:07:30 “they changed the rules”

2:55:30 homeless

3:15:23 homeless donation

3:52:00 “no alm without blm”

5:29:00 museum

5:36:00 ‘why not say non-white’

5:44:00 cdc reprogramming

5:52:00 worst case the fight against wisdom is eternal.

6:55:00 hb2014

7:12:00 virginia stonewall