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Some time stamps:

3:55 Starts

7:30 Happy Canadian thanksgiving 🇨🇦

Updates, No White Guilt Billboard in America 🇺🇸 13:00

14:14 “Crucible” commercial – Jason’s new book

15:00 Tiina arrives

18:40 Tiina’s lawsuit victory, Finland’s speech laws used against anti white journalist 🇫🇮

32:30 Abuse of children, civilization and ideals/ Failure of Finnish legal system 🇫🇮

52:30 Purpose of laws, Failure of American legal system 🇺🇸

1:04:35 🇺🇸 “Court Packing” by Biden and Harris

1:24:30 Thoughts on the Vice Presidential / Presidential Debates 🇺🇸

2:14:00 Yelp labelling businesses as “racist”

5:23:00  instagram anti-white

5:49:00 nancy drew

7:11:00 economic collapse