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[16:24] Show start

[21:22] White family kicked off united airlines flight

[31:37] CDC denies medicine to white people

[51:37Black votes should count twice

[53:05] Why you should not say “whiteness”

[57:401:17:07] Dept. of Peace Building Act HR 1111

[1:58:14] Sons of Europe Anthem by FirstLast. Lyrics by Jared Taylor

[2:09:53] Financial Gifts/Community Comments

[2:26:20] How to maintain your composure while everyone else panics 

[2:37:30] Comments on trolls in PWR chat

[3:24:13] Go Free Lesson: What are Meme Pathogens (MPs)?

[3:43:19] Mailbag – Christmas Cards from Jared George and others

[3:49:10] Follow these White Positive Content Creators

[3:52:46] Community Questions/Comments

[3:53:19] Why “No White Guilt”? Why not “No Straight Guilt” or “No Christian Guilt”?

[4:09:47] Catboy kami and others like him must stop playing the villain immediately

[4:25:30] Why don’t you name the puppies?

[4:37:414:44:37] Why punishing the GOP is suicide

[4:44:46] Questions

[4:55:43] Community Song

[4:59:42] Chuck Martel’s Garage Party suspended for the time being

[5:10:00] Financial Gifts

[5:35:15] Entertainment won’t help recapture our destiny

[6:15:066:18:45] NWG’s response to Vincent James’ and Nick Fuentes’ calls to punish Republican Party

[6:20:04] How to convince passive Christians to act in our defense rather than pray for God to save them

[6:37:58] Testimonies

[7:40:03] Do not concern yourself with questions for which we have no power to implement your decisions.

[7:53:30] “Irish aren’t white,” “Italians aren’t white,” etc. is war propaganda

[7:57:13] NWG’s opinions on irreverent, antique nationalist streamers