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Jason joins in minute 00:38:00, Jared at 4:02:00.


Description from Red Ice:

Tune in for our 5th annual Red Ice Yule Stream.

Henrik and Lana are joined by:


Elisabeth & Styx,

Jason Köhne,

Laura Towler,

Jared Taylor,

Tiiina & Junes,

Jim Goad,

Mark Collett,

Kevin MacDonald,


James Edwards,

Peter & Lydia Brimelow,

Ethan Ralph,

Tom Kawczynski,

Derek Rants,

Sarah Dye,

Lacey Lynn,

Tim Murdock,

Raging Humanist,

Motherhen & Verbo,

Mimir’s Brunnr,

Jared George

& Millennial Woes