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Time Stamps

5:49 – Recap of Loralee’s previous appearances on TAP

7:50 – Loralee’s astrological analysis of 2022

25:10 – Loralee on Prometheus

29:10 – Technology is not the problem, but how it is used

30:30 – Is holistic science the ideal?

44:53 – Loralee on things to come

49:17 – Loralee’s thoughts on Dr. Robert Malone’s discussion with Joe Rogan

53:55 – Jared on the post-1945 antiwhite narrative

55:55 – Boundaries and balanced compassion

57:20Tolkien’s inspiration for LOTR

1:02:40 – Symbolism of the ring of power

1:13:00 – Financial Gifts & Final Thoughts



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