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Time Stamps:

3:40 Start

10:15 Cohen Inveigles NO MORE Anti-CRT

16:25 Cohen objects to preventing teaching white children that they are inherently evil

19:20 How NOT to respond to Cohen’s claims

22:28 Call it Antiwhitism

27:40 Feminism is antiwhite

36:52 Celebrating differences is celebrating white erasure

40:57 Antiwhites interpret the laws to achieve antiwhite outcomes

1:14:03 Gripes from the Jason-Hater Squalid

1:32:00 $3,000 financial gift!

1:34:43 Go Free Lesson of the Day: Diversity is Dis-synergistic

1:50:00 $2,500 financial gift!

1:53:00 No benefit to revisionist history

1:55:00 Troubles downloading Go Free Iteration 2 on Kindle, Gab ad

2:35:45 Testimonial letter from Right Wing Universe

2:45:00 Yizz – Successes using Going Free lexicon in conversation

3:39:50 Mr.V — GFC updates

4:00:00 Western Associate – job opportunities prospecting white positive businesses