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We welcome Alex Thomson from UK Column to The After Party for the first time.

A Cambridge graduate, he brings a wealth of experience in intelligence,

living and working in various parts of Europe,

serving as an interpreter for the EU, and more

to analyze current affairs.


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2:08 Introducing Alex Thompson and UK Column – The New Media

5:30 W. Cleon Skousen’s “The Making of America” and “ The Naked Capitalist”

10:45 Alex’s upbringing

14:10 How Alex came to realize the consequences of multiracialism.

28:56 Politics are downstream from culture, culture downstream from religion.

31:20 An Englishman’s observations on the American Empire

39:00 Ideology and history of UK Column

48:25 Race and the Bible

1:24:35 What do we do if we can’t vote our way out of this?

1:26:42 Who is to blame?

1:44:30 Final Thoughts



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