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8:40 start

14:34 antiwhites don’t want white women

20:15 the best women are men

24:08 white women, your time is up

36:04 a sign of our success

47:36 Jason’s father teaches him a lesson

51:36 white women and white erasure

53:24 antiwhitism in commercials

59:08 why Musk is trying to buy Twitter

1:12:10 profit is not the primary motive for Twitter shareholders

1:15:50 don’t say this

1:20:07 Torba’s offer to Musk

1:22:09 antiwhite obedience training for white parents

1:55:50 D.C. man saves baby Eagle

2:03:15 white wellbeing activism – this is all you have to do

2:22:12 go free lesson of the day – meme pathogen infection

and the subconscious mind

2:35:00 MP of the day – white culture is inferior to nonwhite culture

2:53:38 NWG movie review?? The problem with

movie reviews in the white sympathetic sphere.

3:15:00 mailbag

3:17:50 critique of “Camp of the Saints”

3:21:30 testimonials

3:42:15 calls