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 Time Stamps:


5:51 Start

13:12 Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial

19:58 Heard’s hogwash hit piece

23:45 Depp’s defense

28:53 The hole in Heard’s case

32:19 Women, quit taunting men who can’t fight back

40:36 Differences between white and nonwhite men in regards to the treatment of women

49:05 Wildest moments of Depp Heard trial

56:30 Self-proclaimed victim Heard makes more in one speech than most men make in a year

58:05 Depp and Heard deserve their suffering

1:02:48 What to take away from Depp Heard trial

1:08:10 Females dominate because of Antiwhitism

1:12:16 Johnny Depp & the “pick me” phenomenon

1:15:43 Financial gifts

1:25:32  No woman can say what a man is

1:53:48 BIG workout tip

2:07:25 Tips for focus, motivation, & productivity

2:27:35 Testimony by Ron

2:37:06 Go Free lesson of the day – Antiwhitism throughout society

2:41:00 Fiction is reality to the subconscious mind –

examples within the white sympathetic sphere

2:48:07 Nonwhite Heroes and White Villains –

Antiwhites aren’t hypocrites

2:54:45 White men can’t dance rebuttal

3:02:02 Whites are responsible for the crimes of their ancestor’s rebuttal

3:06:40 The story of a people matters more than the “truth”

3:15:44 Testimony by marie curie

3:21:31 Excerpt from Prometheus Rising

3:46:38 There is no true history – it either benefits us or it is useless