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Time Stamps

7:00 Start

22:05 Going Free is changing the world by changing the concepts with which people think

26:35 Whites made me hurt them – example of a hush crime

39:20 Declaration for the future of the Internet

1:00:53 Presenting data doesn’t work – don’t do it

1:15:02 Guest – The Modern Monarchist

1:26:50 Reality is more interesting than fiction

1:30:00 How the West was won and how it could be lost

1:34:40 Australia’s amazing history

1:39:26 “Ancient Aliens” anecdote by NWG

1:46:20 Hollywood isn’t history

1:52:30 Ideas for White positive entertainment

1:58:09 Modern Monarchist on differentiating history from war propaganda

2:07:00 Modern Monarchist & NWG on homeschooling vs. government schooling

2:19:14 NWG’s favorite moment in history

2:44:20 Go Free Lesson – External Threats

2:49:08 “White identity does not deserve respect” rebuttal

2:56:56 Crucible Chapter 23: Righteous

3:23:35 Your body is your temple – obesity a result of white noir? – female attractiveness

3:31:16 Lovely Porridge: Johnny Depp trial disproves antiwhite narrative

3:44:15 Avoid violence if possible, defend yourself if necessary

3:51:20 Mr. V call in – identifying meme pathogens in Harry Potter

4:09:45 Patrick of South Town’s eyewitness account of a BLM rally & ideas for white advocacy