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Time Stamps:

8:46 Show start/opening joke

20:55 Article – Flying While Black (Part 2)

54:30 Article – Summer of Rage Imminent

1:17:30 Audience interaction

1:24:50 Song Premiere – “The Blessed Crown” by Imminent Reign

1:41:22 Guest Imminent Reign

2:00:00 Audience interaction

2:03:40 Go Free lesson – The repentant villain

2:26:10 How to answer “you are too negative”

2:37:35 Reading from “Prometheus Rising: Take Back Your Destiny”

3:03:00 Announcements – T shirt ideas – share YouTube shorts –

RC The Realist new album – Heroine Euro Yankee – Content creators

3:17:26 Community Comments

3:51:20 Call in – Rory Herbert’s flight on the Concord

4:04:30 Call in – Roi Danton’s thoughts on the movie “The Northman”

4:14:50 Call in – Mr. V’s GFC updates