Functionally, this site is a catalog of the media related to the livestream shows we do, with some additions.

It’s much more secure than relying on social media, because

we’ve been attacked and de-platformed in the current climate

We also have both personally been deleted multiple times from social media accounts

as well as banned by popular payment services/apps like PayPal, Venmo, and Stripe.


Our message is the most vilified and taboo today, and that fact should give you great pause.

This began as a communications project, then a proactive community grew from that,

spilling over into activism and positive personal and social change.

We essentially serve as a hub in a growing culture,

honoring true “diversity” (an abused term currently)

and pushing back against a rootless, consumerist globalism and meaninglessness

that plagues these times and dulls or even destroys peoples’ lives.


So this is really about you.

This is a community for engendering White wellbeing.

It’s open to all who are White positive but of course is for and from

us men and women of the West,

as that term has come to be understood.

Men and women of the richly varied hues and ethnicities of our peoples share common roots,

and now more than ever, a common destiny.


That we may have had our own conflicts with each other in the past

(often spurred by petty tyrants and financial manipulations)

is for us to re-frame; no one gets to tell us what those past conflicts now mean to us.

Antiwhites (be they White or non-White) do not get to tell us healthy Whites

how we should think about ourselves,

how we can transform our own story and grow internally,

or how we experience the nested layers of our regions, ethnicities, and our broader race/civilization.


Many today are not used to hearing such bold and unapologetic proclamations.

Your heritage and way of life is under attack.

And it’s not just a passing trend or current moral panic.

It’s been building for many decades,

even much longer depending on how deeply you explore the subject.

It’s just more obvious now.


Your racial and ethnic heritage may not be the sole part of your character and experience,

but it is an important part, now more clearly understood since it is subject to increasingly severe attacks.

While we don’t expect being of European descent to be anyone’s only defining characteristic,

nor to be a stand-in for having to make efforts to achieve things in life and better oneself,

we realize that the West is ours to steward, and no one else’s–

just as parents steward the life of their family.

Thinking you can “transcend” this and “evolve” past caring about it

is an imbalance of being too untethered, too conceptual,

denying your full personhood, and is thus ultimately anti-life.

It serves the current “one world” agenda of abstractions and breakdowns of meaning.


If you truly think “we are all one” and do not balance that notion

with its harmonizing pole of “particulars make life meaningful,”

then you must follow your own logic of “we’re all just one” and accept

that a different person can sleep with your spouse tonight,

or perhaps another family down the street should raise your children.

After all, “we’re all one,” right?


We know that no one really believes this, and use

the above examples to demonstrate that boundaries create meaning, and that this

dynamic plays out everywhere, from interpersonal

relationships up to wider societal considerations.


Many well-intentioned people who think they’re “free” or “evolving” are in fact becoming slaves to this agenda.

They are often merely consumers with no real meaning in their lives. Pay attention.

People are not floating, incorporeal ideas or solely “points of consciousness.”

We’ve honestly explored such notions, and while we both have our own perspectives on it,

found these notions wanting, incomplete.


Ironically, it’s most typically a trait of White peoples to seek transcendence of categories

and be so freedom-oriented, individualistic,

and empathetic that we could even entertain such notions to begin with.

This is a theme we often unravel in our work, a subtle conundrum that Whites must come to understand.

Though we are told the opposite, White peoples are generally the least ethno-centric

peoples in the world, which is being exploited to extreme ends.

If you resist seeing yourself as White, well, that’s a typically White trait!

(P.S. no one else in the world thinks this way, if you haven’t noticed. And while “identity”

can be a tricky term, oft-misunderstood from varying angles,

politics (polis) is ultimately about serving the boundaries and distinctions

around societies and cultures).


In more practical terms, race is not a mere “construct” for political organization or

creating false identities to break up society and make artificial us/them distinctions.

If it were, White “liberals” (another term for antiwhite these days)

wouldn’t reveal their true feelings by consistently

choosing to live and send their kids to school in areas that are overwhelmingly White;

actions speak louder than words.

An Englishman recognizes the architecture, arts, holidays, social customs

and expectations etc. as somewhat different but still generally Western/White/European

while visiting Hungary, Spain, Sweden, and (parts of) the USA,

but would feel as if in another world

when placed in the middle of China or the Congo.

And to return to what was discussed above, try going to such a place and

telling them that you’re “just as Chinese” or “just as Congolese” as they are.


Your physical, mental and spiritual heritage,

and the holistic swirl of instincts and norms this confers upon you,

are so close to you that you often don’t realize they are there, like water to a fish.


When large groups of people who are of the same ilk gather together, their societies bear

the marks of their general character.

Culture is the sum of the manifestations of the general spirit and instincts of a given people.

Hence what was written above about the Englishman visiting other Western countries.

This is why it’s not enough to say “the powers that be want us all divided”

(true to an extent) but act as if everything

would be perfect without those “powers that be.”

And again, it’s overwhelmingly White people who are pre-disposed to this kind of individualism,

“heritage doesn’t matter” approach.


Of course this doesn’t mean that individuals from different backgrounds

can’t have friendships, or different societies can’t trade

and learn from each other where there is mutual respect and reciprocity.

Again, we honor and acknowledge the real meaning behind

that much-abused term, diversity.

We understand that unique characteristics and experiences,

and asserting boundaries and spaces to cherish and protect those characteristics and experiences,

is what makes life meaningful, worthwhile, and beautiful.


But currently, education, media, and government policy are increasingly telling

people of European descent that we bear some original and unredeemable sin just just for existing,

we are being punished for it, our children abused

with this psychological and emotional torment.

The media and academia are

complicit in justifying heinous, increasingly violent attacks against our peoples.


If you are not White, you will find others like yourself who watch our material, support our message,

and understand that we are solely motivated by and imbued with love

(as indeed has been stated with appreciation and respect in messages we’ve received).

We welcome individuals of all backgrounds who are White-positive, or at least open and curious,

to listen in,

and we wish the best for non-White peoples.


But we have to tend our own garden and address what is before us.

For us White peoples,

it’s time to go free of the antiwhite programming and get healthy.

We’ve literally heard from multiple people who were self-hating

Whites and were planning for their own suicides before

being shown this other, healthier way, and eventually getting back on a path to meaning.

This is how poignant and pervasive antiwhite messaging has been, this is how serious it is.


How will you learn, grow, create, and contribute to be the best version of yourself

and respond to this unique moment in history we’ve been born into?

How will you do your part to help save the currently ailing West, which is not an idea, but a people?

If there are no Western peoples, there are no Western cultures and societies.