Links to Peers



Below are links to individuals and organizations with various services, wares, and creations on offer.

The focus is on up-and-coming projects, opportunities for community building, or well-known names who have products/services you might not be aware of.

In the interest of space, we assume you already know of some of the other well-known content producers and news/culture sources, or will soon find them if you’re new to this sphere.

(Links and contact for our show guests can be found here on this site. Please search their names and see the posts for the episodes they’ve appeared on).



~Celtic Films~

by Michael Kingsbury


~Defend Evropa~

News centered on interests of the European peoples


~Edelweiss Elfin~

 Lifestyle blog for young mothers, wife of The Golden One


~European Freedom~

 Simon Harris’s site, books


 ~Lana’s Llama~

Organic clothing company from Lana Lokteff of Red Ice


~Loralee Scaife~

Video series, “Lord of the Rings: The Myth for Our Time.” Consultations for deep astrology, Jungian dream analysis


~Mighty White Soap Co.~  

Craft soaps


~ Mimir’s Brunnr~

European heritage and their store


~Palaestra Media~

Documentary films by Jonas Nilsson


~Patriotic Alternative~

A new community-based campaigning and political group in Britain started by Mark Collett.


~Poseidon’s Store~

Support the god of the sea…


~Preising Productions~

Site for drone videographer and photographer, Guillherme Preising


~Preservation of Fire~

The writings of Ash Donaldson


~Protect Beauty Facebook page~

Heir to Nordic Beauty, which was deleted by FB. Admin Ilenia Contessa


~Scandza Forum~

The regular Scandinavian conference run by Frodi Midjord


~Survive the Jive~

Site , Store, and Book about Yule


~The Anatomically Correct Banana~

Blog on society and politics, podcast, from John Q. Publius


~The Fall of Western Man~

Book by Mark Collett


~The Golden One~

Site, Legio Gloria Clothing Company, & Jotunheim Nutrition (currently European orders only)


~The White People’s Press~

Publishing venture, The White People’s Quarterly Magazine and books


~Way of the World’s store~

Also email his natconnect (at) protonmail (dot) com to find other like-minded people in your area


~We Were Never Asked~

Street activism and documentary video by Laura Towler & Mark Collett


~White Art Collective~

White positive music and media curated by Jeff Winston


~White Date~

Verified dating site that has been active since 2017, founder Liv Heide